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Blackjack Strategy

If you like playing online blackjack or even playing at land based casinos, you should be aware there are certain probabilities that should be used to make sure you lower the house edge as far as possible. Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges to begin with and by following the proper blackjack strategy you find find yourself on huge winning streaks.

Proper Blackjack Strategy

There are several things you must remember to do when playing Blackjack. The most important is leave your feelings out of your decisions. Below you find a Blackjack Strategy chart that will show when to hit, stand, double or split based on your hand and the Dealer’s up card. Follow this table to the tee, it had been proven through mathematical statistics that these decisions will result in the best opportunity to win.


Another thing you must do is find a routine that you are comfortable with for pressing your bets. If you always bet $25 a hand eventually you will lose. It is built into the game that the casino still holds an edge regardless of what strategy you follow. For that reason when you are winning you have to press your bets. Whether it is doubling your bet every other hand or or increasing your bet by half, when you are hot you have to bet more. The strategy I use is doubling my bet every other hand. If I start with $25 this how my betting would go:

  • Hand 1 – $25 Bet
  • Hand 2 – $25 Bet
  • Hand 3 – $50 Bet
  • Hand 4 – $50 Bet
  • Hand 5 – $100 Bet

Once you get to a certain amount you can then start to bet what you are comfortable with, but as seen above by winning 5 hands I would win $250 rather than $125 and I am using the house money to bet with. Using the above betting strategy and getting on a run of 10+ winning hands you can imagine what kind of profit you can make.

Also make sure you are doubling and splitting when the strategy chart tells you to. Doubling and splitting is a huge part of the game and a great opportunity to win extra money.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

Use the below strategy chart to know when to hit, stand, double or split. Always reference this chart to be sure you are making the right decision in order to maximize you profits. Print the chart out so you always have a reference and then find one of our recommended USA online casinos to play and win some cash.

Recommended Blackjack Casinos

Play Blackjack at the following recommended USA friendly online casinos and claim a great bonus.

The Grand Parker Casino is our best USA friendly online casino to play at. They offer great bonuses and do an outstanding job getting USA credit card deposits approved. Find all the popular table casino games and slots you would expect to find. Give Grand Parker a try and we think you will agree they are the best USA online casino.

The Bovada Casino has been in business since 1995 and is one of the most well established and trusted USA friendly online casinos on the Internet. Bovada offers a $500 slots bonus and a $200 table games bonus which only require a 15x’s rollover. This makes the Bovada table games bonus the easiest to earn.

The OnBling Casino is one of the most generous USA friendly online casinos for bonuses. Sign up through our site and receive up to $5000 in bonus money and then also claim a 50% cashback bonus. OnBling also does an outstanding job getting USA credit cards approved.

If you live in the United States play at any of recommended online casinos. All the online casinos offer standard blackjack as well as other variations. You can also find online casinos that offer Live Dealer Blackjack so you get the feel of playing at a land based casino.